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A Revolution in Beauty and Wellness - Exclusive to Soulful Beauty Tamworth!

Soulful Beauty is thrilled to introduce two incredible new products that are sure to revolutionise your beauty and wellness routine: Vida Glow Radiance and Vida Glow Gut Pro capsules! We are the exclusive stockists in Tamworth so you can only find them here at Soulful Beauty!


Elevate Your Skincare Game with Vida Glow Radiance Advanced Repair!

Experience the magic of Vida Glow Radiance capsules, designed to transform your beauty routine from the inside out. Say hello to glowing skin all year round!


Nourish Your Gut with Vida Glow Gut Pro!

Take care of your gut health with Vida Glow Gut Pro capsules, formulated with vegan-friendly ingredients to support gut health and relieve bloating. Feel amazing inside and out!


Visit or call us today and discover a revolution in beauty and wellness – only at Soulful Beauty Tamworth!


See the power of Radiance!

Experience the power of Gut Pro

Gut Pro is for women looking for a streamlined routine to help relieve bloating, symptoms of poor gut health, and support their intimate health.


Unlike standard probiotic supplements, Gut Pro nourishes good intestinal flora in both the gut and vaginal microbiome with just one daily capsule. Soothing ingredients action at the source to boost levels of beneficial bacterial and prevent harmful bacteria from taking over. Giving you the comfort you want, Gut Pro delivers what your gut needs to thrive.

Benefits of Gut Pro

  • Promote healthy digestion

  • Relieves bloating

  • Restores good gut flora

  • Supports gut and vaginal health

  • Supports healthy vaginal pH

  • Maintains healthy vaginal microflora

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